Friday, April 08, 2005

alektor cafe and books to paradise

alektor cafe
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modeled as a modern version of the early church, alektor cafe has been huge to my spiritual formation over the last two years. my friend sally introduced me to this church sometime ago. we stopped by for coffee. the presence of the icons, orthodox relics, readings from various denominations of the Christian faith & other faiths from around the world captivated me. i remember sally saying "this place challenges me." i met Father Parthenios & his wife for the first time. since then i have frequented when i need a place of peace in the rush that is my life & nashville (sometimes). Father Parthenios told me once that they have modeled this coffee shop after the ancient church. he doesn't give sermons, just serves you some fab food, answers your questions (of which, i find him very knowledgable and wise), he will give you a blessing upon request, plays various chanted prayers over a sound system, and teaches some classes (i think on thursday night). this church is truely a relaxed worship environment where prayer washes over you.

now the greatest times come from my tuesday mornings with sally & jonathon. we started meeting tuesday cause it was the only time jonathon and i could actually hang out.. now it's become our own morning prayer and conversation. this small time set aside for our ministries has been enriching for all of us & i'd like to share this with you all. if you are in the nashville area, you live here or will be visiting (ie. emergent or gaither conventions) come worship at the alektor cafe. article written about them in the tennessean

1807 Grand Ave
Nashville, TN 37212


At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that you are now engaged to be married.. I am so glad to hear the good news. Fr.Parthenios and I would love to see you sometime and we want to congratulate you on the exciting future before you and your future wife.

Fr. Parthenios and Pres. Marion


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